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2 January 2011

Fritchman Family Website

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Welcome to our Fritchman Family Web Site. We are always looking for Fritchman family information to share with you and will try to make regular updates as new information is found. Please check back regularly for new postings.

During the course of researching the information for this site, we discovered various spellings of the Fritchman name. We are using the spelling “Fritchman” as the standard to ensure consistency and continuity throughout the entire site.

  • Freetzman
  • Fretchman
  • Frickman
  • Fridschman
  • Frischman
  • Frishman
  • Fritchman
  • Fritschman
  • Fritschmann
  • Fritsman
  • Fritzman
  • Fritzhman
  • Fruchman
  • Frutchman
  • Frutschman
  • Frutschmann
  • Frutzman

Some of the most common spellings are included here in hopes that they will help other Fritchman family researchers. This list is by no means a complete listing and we're sure there are variations that we have not yet seen.

We would like to thank all family members for their time, effort, and research assistance. Many endless research hours and countless trips to libraries, cemeteries, churches, court houses, historical societies, and wherever information could be found were spent compiling the information included. As with any work of this size, inaccuracies do occur from time to time and some information may not be as complete as we would like. We also have information on individuals who are still living and have tried not to include them unless we’ve received permission to do so.

We have tried to be as accurate as possible and have spent many hours researching and verifying the information contained on this site but unfortunately, as many of you know, genealogy is not an exact science and the information is only as good as the source from whence it came. Where we have discovered more than one birth, marriage, or death date for the same person, we used the date that appeared in most source documentation. As you go through this site, if you notice some information that you know is inaccurate or if you can help fill in some of the missing pieces, please send us copies of any documentation or an email so we can update our records. Your assistance is always appreciated.

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